Joachim Moortgat, PhD

Research focus at RERI

Fractured reservoir simulations. In particular:

Modeling of incompressible and compressible multi-fluid flow using Mixed Hybrid Finite Element methods

Mass transfer using the higher order Discontinuous Galerkin method to reduce dispersion and mesh orientation effects w.r.t. finite volume methods and allow for highly heterogeneous and an-isotropic domains

Unstructured meshing in 2D and 3D, with discrete fractures in (N-1)D, both using control volumes and fully explicit (no transfer functions necessary)

Modeling of (physical) dispersion, diffusion and capillarity

Compositional modeling of, for instance, CO2 injection

Selected Publications

Moortgat, J., and Firoozabadi, A. "Higher-Order Compositional Modeling of Three-Phase Flow in Fractured Porous Media Based on Cross-Flow Equilibrium," J Comput Phys (to appear, 2013).

Moortgat, J., and Firoozabadi, A. "Three-Phase Compositional Modeling with Capillarity in Heterogeneous and Fractured Media," SPE J (to appear, 2013).

Moortgat, J., Firoozabadi, A., Li, Z. and Esposito, R.: "CO2 Injection in Vertical and Horizontal Cores: Measurements and Numerical Simulation," SPE J (2013), 18(2), 331-344.

Moortgat, J., Li, Z. and Firoozabadi, A.: "Three-Phase Compositional Modeling of CO2 Injection by Higher-Order Finite Element Methods with PR and CPA Equations of State," Water Resour Res (2012) 48, W12511.

Moortgat, J., Sun, S., and Firoozabadi, A.: "Compositional Modeling of Three-Phase Flow with Gravity using Higher-Order Finite Element Methods," Water Resour Res (2011) 47, W05511.

Moortgat, J., and Firoozabadi, A.: "Higher-Order Compositional Modeling with Fickian Diffusion in Unstructured and Anisotropic Media," Adv Water Resour (2010) 33, 951–968.

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